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2009-09-25 06:41:18 by Porkdumplings

HEY i'm the new guy so i don't understand much about newgrounds but i wanna know how to make a voice audio acting thingy 5suddenly for got the name T_T) and i'd like a bit of help to and also help others


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2009-09-25 06:44:43

Err hi welcome to newgrounds


2009-09-25 08:25:09

Well I guess you need a decent microphone and some software (program) that´ll record your voice without loss of quality.

VA advertisement thread: 16630
Some audio software: udio

Check in the audio forum for more audio stuff (and use the search function), if you can´t find any thread that´ll help you then make a new thread (in audio) to ask what you need.


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